The Humanity Priest is Inspired by the Unfolding of History



In Iran the people are not shrinking from their demonstrations, even as violence explodes all around them….

On Twitter people are talking about performing DDOS attacks on Iran’s government websites. I am not saying this is acceptable. But it is the recording of 21st century history. This is where we are- a world in which the planet’s population considers one country’s tragedy everyone’s business. This is where we live.

A single middle eastern nation may be the first battleground in a greater war on political bullying and religious extremism.

The leader of a country: does he or she have the right to do as he or she please?

Or do the people, the people of a nation, the people of the human race, have the right to expect the equal treatment and justice that they have been TOLD is theirs?

Do the mullahs, priests, and religious rulers truly speak for God?

Or have God’s creations been given the freedom to listen to His voice for themselves?

Does any mortal have the authority, secular or sacred, to commit acts of evil? Can anyone claim such a thing?

You tell me, person on the internet.


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