The Humanity Priest Does WorldNetDaily



WorldNetDaily, an  “Independent conservative news website with an emphasis on aggressive investigative reporting”, raised $75,000 for the rental of billboards that read “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?”

Barack Obama’s birth certificate, that is. This is a major priority for the folks at, who are hoping to God that they can prove the president of the U.S. is actually a Kenyan in star-spangled clothing so they can get him out of the White House and replace him with the exhumed corpse of Ronald Reagan.

Of course, that’s not the only priority you’ll find on

“Perhaps the time is right for a second declaration of independence. But when will violence become necessary? When do we start shooting? I don’t know. I’m a peaceable north Idaho housewife who would far rather kiss boo-boos than shoot anyone.

“On the other hand, many of this country’s founders were ordinary people as well, until the moment they realized they must step forward and pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor or forfeit those liberties which, according to the Declaration, are given to us by our Creator (NOT the government).” –Patrice Lewis, “WorldNetDaily Exclusive Commentary”

Allahu Akbar! Sorry, wrong movement. is hard at work, posting articles that suggest a violent overthrow of the American government and giving Chuck Norris a place to blog. “It is every American citizen’s constitutional right to speak freely, without fear of repercussion. It’s simply un-American and unconstitutional to impede, harass, threaten or persecute anyone who is guilty of nothing more than sharing their opinion or even exercising their right to vote.” Quoth Mr. Norris. How does he feel about the fact that the site that signs his paycheck sells a book that claims liberalism is the result of bad parenting? Or this book that says liberals are just plain crazy. Literally. Nah, I don’t feel harrassed.

Back to the “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?” billboards. Lamar Advertising, CBS Outdoor, and Clear Channel Outdoor are all saying they refuse to sell billboard space to WorldNetDaily. Apparently they can do that. Something about their constitutional rights. World Net Daily editor and chief executive officer Joseph Farah assumed the worst. “I never fully realized how dangerous it is that the media in this country are so afraid of government power.” Quoth Mr. Farah.

So is selling “WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?” yard signs for the lawns of patriotic, revolution-minded Americans at $19.95 a pop.

On that note:

Because even we kooky, America-hating liberals can get serious sometimes. I, personally, would leave it to the Supreme Court to figure out how to proceed if Obama were proved a Kenyan citizen. I must confess, however, that the president’s birth certificate is no priority for me at all, distracted as I am by the poor economy and the Iraq war and the healthcare crisis. My parents just didn’t raise me right, I guess.


One Response to “The Humanity Priest Does WorldNetDaily”

  1. 1 republicofhealth

    I agree that the birth certificate issue is a very low priority. And I also agree that the economy and the many illegal wars are of the utmost priority.

    But, to Obama’s credit, he is just a puppet of the military-industrial complex. The Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by off shore interests. The Fed, which is neither Federal nor a reserve, is the reason our economy is in decline. They are doing it on purpose to bring is into neo feudalism. Obama’s just a pitch man.

    Check out for more information.

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