The Humanity Priest Contemplates Moderate Activism….



“radical queer cyberpunk ecofeminist zenarchy”

-the political views of a stranger who friended me on Facebook

Video unrelated to Facebook friend stranger. Probably. [contains adult language]



Oh oh, I wanna join!

*tries to change the world*


You know what?

I wish I were a radical.

Radical anything. I don’t have to be a radical queer cyberpunk ecofeminist zenarchist… no matter how really, really interesting that sounds… just radical something.

I’m so moderate. Moderate liberal, moderate agnostic, moderate artist (not much experimentalism here). Can’t be a feminist or a traditionalist, noooo… have to be an equalist. That is, I believe men and women are equal, end of story. How… nonconfrontational. Neither a capitalist nor a communist, and not a socialist either, though it’s supposed to be the middle ground between two extremes. Still too extreme for me, that’s how moderate I am, too mellow for the happy medium.

*tries to be radical*

I want to get caught up in some wild and screaming riot. I want to be called a “pinhead” by Bill O’Reilly and draw the ire of Conservapedia contributors. I want to scare established institutions with my words- not a single shot fired, just so much uncompromising opinion that everyone knows better than to try reasoning with me.

I want to be unreasonable. I want to make the world change. To whatever it is I think it should be.


…That didn’t work, did it?

So the moderate sighs again and accepts that some things change very slowly. Other things don’t change at all. And sometimes it takes a radical to make demands with no room for negotiation. Not just demands- DEMANDS. DEMANDS! It’s that certainty of being right, it gives everything a radical shouts a certain catchy rhythm. CATCHY DEMANDS! The radicals shout and the world suddenly has a tune it can’t get out of its head.

I can’t get the radical tunes out of my head either. They get me excited- just not excited enough to shout back. The radicals are why I get angry, get inspired, and get busy. Busy with blogging, mostly. Busy with caring enough to care in the first place.

Moderate activism is caring enough to spread the word.

I don’t see myself jumping up and down in the streets any time soon, wearing my passionate anger on my sleeve- BOTH sleeves, all of me sloppy with outrage, inhibitions burned up in my political fire. DON’T OVERREACH! I have a voice and that is active.

I wish I were a radical but I don’t overreach.

*opens WordPress blog*

All you radicals get out there and give me something to be excited about. The voice of Humanity Priest has your back.


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